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The Best of Porto, Portugal: Travel Guide

Port wine? Yes, please. Porto, Portugal situated in northern Portugal along the Douro river is best known for the many Port wine makers that reside in the city. With an incredible wine country hours to the East by car, the grapes are brought in and used in a variety of Port wines. But Porto offers much more than just Port wine tours and tastings... it has great food, incredible history, architecture, and makes for a great long weekend stay in northern Portugal. From delicious burgers at Bugo Art Burgers to aimlessly roaming the cobblestone streets in search of fantastic street art, Porto is a great way to relax and recharge. Our travel guide (TravlGuide) aims to point out the best options and tips that will take you away from the crowded waterfront Port wine makers and help you find the unique aspects of Porto that will make your trip all the more memorable.
Live Like a Local w/ an Airbnb Rental
Airbnb rental in central Porto
Renting a multi bedroom apartment helped us save money vs multiple hotel rooms and offered a shared living space that our family was able to enjoy overlooking the streets in central Porto. Airbnb Apartment Rental
See Gigantic Displays of Portuguese Azulejo Tilework
Train station in central Porto, Portugal
The azulejos are tile murals found throughout Portugal and the ones at the train station are immense. The station is a great place to roam around for 20 minutes to see these works and get a feel for a European train station.
Breakfast Al Fresco at Any Local Bakery
Breakfast at a Portuguese bakery in Porto, Portugal
Order an espresso, duplo espresso (double shot), latte, cappuccino, or americano to get your energy boost. Fresh chocolate croissants Portuguese style have more body than their French croissants cousins.
Stock Up On Portuguese Chocolate
Chocolate from Chocolataria Equador in Porto, Portugal
Make a mid day stop at Chocolataria Equador for delectable hand crafted chocolates and buy a bar or two for a treat later in the day.Chocolataria Equador
Explore the Cathedral
Breakfast at a Portuguese bakery in Porto, Portugal
Step into the Cathedral and admire the architecture of this magnificent church perched high above the city skyline.
Walk across the Dom Luís I Bridge to Gaia
The Dom Luis I Bridge in Porto, Portugal
The bridge connects Porto to Gaia above the Douro river. Spectacular views of both sides can be had from the towering bridge. Gaia is where the majority of the Port wine makers reside and often feature a tour and tasting of their hand crafted Ports. The benefit of this route is that you will begin your Port wine adventure at the top and can work your way down the hill. The Port wine makers at the top of Gaia are less busy and you will have the chance to only do a tasting, at a lesser price, than the Port wine makers along the river as they require a full tour and higher entrance fee.
Taste Taylor Port
Taylor Port Wine tasting in Porto, Portugal
One of the original Port wine makers Taylor has a great tour, wonderful tasting area and patio, and a nice restaurant overlooking the river and Porto. Learn about how Port wine is made and gain a better understanding of the historical context; why Ports have a high alcohol content and sweet taste.
Snack on Portuguese Meat and Cheeses
Meat and Cheese at Taylor Port Wine in Porto, Portugal
Cured meats and hand crafted cheeses can be found throughout Portugal. Make sure to take advantage of every opportunity, especially after your Port wine tasting, to try some of Portugal's finest meats and cheeses while overlooking the city below.
Taste Croft Port Wine
Entrance to Croft Port wine tasting in Porto, Portugal Croft Port wine tasting in Porto, Portugal
At nearby Croft Port take a chance to sample the lesser known wine makers offerings. Skip the tour and request just a tasting as the process described at Taylor will be very similar.
Enjoy the Street Art
Spray paint art in Porto, Portugal
Bright, vibrant street art populates the cities' walls as you roam the curvy streets of Porto.
Dine al fresco at Bugo Art Burgers
Meat and Cheese at Taylor Port Wine in Porto, Portugal
For the Portugueses' take on the american burger make a reservation at Bugo Art Burger. Unique creations such as the Porto e Serra Burger pictured above with Portuguese Presunto, Serra da Estrella cheese and a Port wine sauce are a creative and delicious way to enjoy something familiar with a Portuguese twist. The restaurant resides on a (mostly) quiet street away from the touristy part of town and will have you feeling like a local. Bugo Art Burger


Bugo Art Burger: Rua de Miguel Bombarda 598, 4050-379 Porto, Portugal

Chocolataria Equador: R. de Sá da Bandeira 637, Porto, Portugal


Taylor Port: Rua do Choupelo 250, 4400-088 Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

Croft Port: Rua Barao de Forrester, 412, 4400-088 Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal


Airbnb Apartment Rental in central Porto

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