Brixby Canyon Bridge California

14 States in One Month: An Epic Western US and Canada Roadtrip

After being diagnosed with a severe case of wanderlust and the only cure being a month long road trip throughout the western US and Canada I began to chart out the journey. By camping, staying in hostels, and using priceline/travelocity sites to find inexpensive hotels along the way we kept the trip affordable. The trip would turn into an incredible adventure that trekked through 12 states and 2 Canadian provicial states and delivered unbelieveable memories.
1. Lookin For Adventure... Head Out On The Highway!
Mount Rushmore National Monument
Across Minnesota and South Dakota the first stop is Mount Rushmore, South Dakota.
2. Remnants Of A Volcano
Entrance to Devils Tower National Monument Up Close to Devils Tower National Monument
Head across the state border into Wyoming and behold Devil's Tower, as the tower erupts from the plains below. There was a very pleasant and affordable Best Western to stay at nearby.
3. Bears, Bison, Wolves, Geysers, Mountains, Snow And Rain All In One Place
Steam Vent at Yellowstone National Park Bison at Yellowstone National Park
Wake up and drive to Yellowstone National Park. Bison, Wolves, Grizzlies, and Black Bears, among many other wildlife call the park home. The thermal pools were incredibly diverse and colorful and the geysers are spectacular. The Madison campground is a good spot to avoid Grizzlies as you slumber, but even in June it can be cold as flurries fell through the night.
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