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Volunteering and Adventure in Australia!

One day while sitting in a lecture hall for an economics class two Aussies representing a volunteer organization gave a 5 minute presentation about the volunteer and travel opportunities available through their group, including Australia. I had never traveled abroad before and the idea of Australia always appealed to me, so I signed up. The trip included 2 weeks of volunteering in a not-yet-determined locale within the country and 2 weeks of adventure activities along the east coast of Australia, from Cairns down to Sydney. I ended up being a part of a unique experience to volunteer in The Outback (Alice Springs) and our group was fortunate to get to see parts of the country many other travelers do not. As the trip ended I walked away with a life changing experience that has helped define my travel philosophies for life.
1. Get Ready To Get Your Hands Dirty In The Outback
Lookout Over Alice Springs From Anzac Hill Monument At Top Of Anzac Hill Alice Springs Australia
Alice Springs, Australia in the center of the country was our base for the volunteer portion of the excursion.
2. On Your Off Time Hike The Surrounding Countyside
Hiking In Glen Helen Gorge Australia Enjoying A Beer In Glen Helen Gorge Of The West MacDonnell Range
Glen Helen Gorge outside of Alice Springs
3. Take Advantage Of Being Close To Uluru And Visit The Giant Monolith
The Sun Setting On Ayer's Rock/Uluru In Outback
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