Luke's Lobster Food Truck NYC

Food Truck Frenzy! 7 Food Trucks You Have to Try in New York City

These 7 Food Trucks offer up some of the best food you will find in New York City, especially for around $10. Tacos, Vegan, and everything in between you will not be disappointed. The best way to find out where each truck will be today is on Twitter, which I've provided in the TravlGuide section.
1. Mexico Blvd - Tacos, Tortas, & More
What to try? Al Pastor Tacos - these are potentially life altering
Mexico Blvd Food Truck NYC Mexico Blvd Food Truck NYC
2. Schnitzel & Things - Schnitzel Platters & Sandwiches
What to try? Any sandwich, the Ciabatta is amazing!
Schnitzel & Things Food Truck NYC Schnitzel & Things Food Truck NYC
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Food Trucks:

Mexico Blvd @MexicoBlvd

Schnitzel & Things @schnitznthings

Luke's Lobster @NautiMobile

Frites 'N' Meats @fritesnmeats

Cinnamon Snail @VeganLunchTruck

Morocho @NYCMorocho

Korilla BBQ @KorillaBBQ

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