Machu Picchu Selfie in Peru

The Ultimate 9 Day Honeymoon in Peru!

It was a picture in a magazine of a boat that started it all. That boat was the Aria, a river cruise that provides multiday/night excursions through the Peruvian Amazon, and it was after seeing this picture that planning set forth for a 9 day adventure that would take us to the Amazon, Machu Picchu, Cusco and Lima. This incredible journey was a feat, but as jam packed as it was we would not have done it any other way.
Day 1: Iquitos & All Aboard
Lunch At The Floating Restaurant
Al Frio y Al Fuego Iquitos Peru Al Frio y Al Fuego Iquitos Peru
@ Al Frio y Al Fuego, an amazing lunch spot retreat located on the water just outside of Iquitos, it floats!. Plan ahead for transportation unless you are looking to take one of the 70,000 tuk tuks that provide much of the transportation in Iquitos.
The Aria River Cruise
Aria River Boat Amazon Peru
A beautiful cruise ship with 16 rooms, all outward facing rooms with floor to ceiling windows overlooking your journey on the Amazon river.
Where to Stay: Aria River Boat 4 Nights
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Central Restaurante - Santa Isabel 376, Miraflores, Lima Get A Taste Here >>

Al Frio y Al Fuego - Av La Marina 138, Iquitos


Museo del Pisco - Santa Catalina Ancha 398, Cusco


Aria River Cruise - Departing from Nauta or Iquitos

Ramada - Lima Int'l Airport (For quick night stay)

Sanctuary Lodge Hotel - Machu Picchu

JW Marriott Cusco - Esquina de la Calle Ruinas 432 y San Agustin, Cusco

JW Marriott Miraflores - Malecon de la Reserva 615, Lima

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