Casa Batllo in Barcelona, Spain

Sangria, Seafood, and Architecture in Beautiful Barcelona, Spain

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Barcelona! Enjoy seafood, architecture and the unique dialect that make this eclectic city so special. From the Gaudi designed cathedral to the ridiculously fresh seafood Barcelona is a must visit that will leave you dreaming of the day you are able to return.
1. La Sagrada
La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
La Sagrada Familia has been under construction since 1883 . The famous artist and architect Antoni Gaudi was the original designer and you can see his gothic influence throughout, though it was only a quarter finished when he passed away.
2. The Beauty Within
La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
Head inside La Sagrada Familia to see the amazing stain glass windows and other unique details.
3. The Gothic Quarter
Gothic Quarter in Barcelona
Head to the Gothic Quarter to visit the cathedral and as the name suggests see great examples of the gothic architecture within the Barcelona.
4. Curves And Color
Casa Batllo in Barcelona Spain
@ Casa Batllo. Built by Gaudi as well the colorful and curvy home is a very interesting site to behold.
5. Las Ramblas
Las Ramblas Barcelona Spain
Take a stroll down Las Ramblas, a street with many shops, stands and street performers for your entertainment.
6. El Mercado
El Marcado Barcelona Spain
Off the path from Las Ramblas you can find a large indoor market featuring all different kinds of fresh fruits, veggies and seafood.
7. La Marina
La Marina Barcelona Spain
Continue down Las Ramblas and you will find the marina along the water. Boats, a mall and even an aquarium call the marina home.
8. Baila!
Street Performers in Barcelona Spain
Along the waterfront there is always a group of street performers playing fun music to enjoy, you can’t help but dance!
9. Paella!
Seafood Paella Barcelona Spain
Stop at one of the restaurants along the waterfront near the beach for some fresh seafood where Seafood Paella is a must.
10. La Playa
The Beach in Barcelona Spain
Spend some time at the beach and relax. Catch a tan or do some people watching, this beach is always quite lively.
11. Quench Your Thirst
Sangria in Barcelona Spain Sangria in Barcelona Spain
Share a pitcher of sangria with some friends to unwind after a long day of site seeing.
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