Quebec in 11 Food Experiences!

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As a way to celebrate the end of summer we embarked on a 4 day weekend roadtrip up to Quebec City from New Jersey and along the way found some delicious eats and local specialties. Quebec city offers incredible beauty, history, and especially food that must be experienced. As a city with a french-first mentality driving across the border to this idyllic destination has a uniqueness that cannot be found anywhere else in North America.
1. Smoked Meat and Poutine
@ Brynd; Poutine = french fries covered in cheese curds and gravy and is a must everytime I cross the border
2. Stewed Rabbit
@ Le Lapin Saute where Rabbit is their specialty. The food was incredibly delicious and this was our favorite restaurant during our trip.
3. Relax and eat a quiet dinner
@ Cafe de la Paix
4. Crepes!
@ Casse-Crepe Breton
5. Amazing Croissants
@ Chez Temporel; we stumbled upon this wonderful cozy spot on a side street and indulged in fresh croissants and hand crafted lattes
6. Snack on Fresh Fruits
@ Marche Due Vieux Port; The MArche Due Vieux Port offers an incredible variety of locally growth fruits, vegetables and other regional items
7. Vegetables
@ Marche Due Vieux Port
8. Macarons
@ Marche Due Vieux Port
9. Maple Syrup
@ Marche Due Vieux Port
10. Wine
@ Marche Due Vieux Port; There are a suprising number of local wineries in Quebec and at the farmers market you will find the opportunity to taste a few varieties
11. Back to Basics: Sandwich and Fries
@ Les Feres De La Cote; Grab a quick bite and a beer
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