Panda at the San Diego Zoo

Pandamonium in San Diego

San Diego provides access to some incredibly diverse creatures and when we went fur a summer vacation we made sure to take advantage and explore. During our visit we stopped at the San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld, the shores of La Jolla, Torrey Pines State Reserve and Cabrillo National Monument.
1. There Are Always Good Eats Nearby
Panda @ San Deigo Zoo
2. And It Is Acceptable To Lay Out And Relax
Panda @ San Diego Zoo
3. Everyone Has A Pool
Hippopotamus @ San Diego Zoo
4. And Some Have A Home With A View
Squirrel @ Torrey Pines State Reserve
5. But Not Everyone Is Happy About It, Some Are Just Very Crabby
Crab @ Tide Pools in Cabrillo National Monument
6. Most Set The Attitude Aside To Work On Their Tan
Sea Lions @ Shores of La Jolla
7. The Fun Never Stops
Seal @ Children's Beach in La Jolla
8. I Hear That They Will Bend Over Backwards For You
Orca @ SeaWorld
9. It's An Otterly Good Time
Sea Otter @ SeaWorld
10. The Water's Fine, Come On In
Polar Bear @ San Diego Zoo
11. It'll Be A Trip That Sticks With You
Sea Anemone @ Tide Pools in Cabrillo National Monument
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