Birthday Idea! Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Park City!

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Looking to surprise someone special for their birthday I set up a hot air balloon excursion over Park City, Utah. With sunny skys and a fresh snowfall the trip was stunning and we got to see Park City, the 3 ski resorts in PC, and the Wasatch Mountains from a completely unique perspective.
1. Keep It A Secret Until The Last Possible Moment, No Hinting That This Is What We Will Be Seeing Later
2. Surprise! A Hot Air Balloon Ride!
3. Dress Warm
The temperature drops 5 degrees for every 1,000 vertical feet.
4. Make Sure Balloon Properly Inflates
It will, don't worry. The balloon was very stable throughout our trip.
5. Lift Off
The balloon rises rather rapidly.
6. Take In The Views
The best time to take a balloon trip is in the morning when the winds will be more calm and the temperature is cooler. Hot air rises, so the cooler the surrounding air the higher you can go. Our flight took us up almost 3,000 ft!
7. Make Sure To Take A Selfie
8. Look Out Below
The winds can change direction depending on your altitude.
9. Come Back Down To Earth Safely, Success!
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